Wednesday, 12 April 2017


For inquiry we were focusing on being on a responsible citizen. Hamish Brayden and I chose to teach soccer to some little kids. I am multi structural because I can use several strategies but make mistakes.
For example when I taught the little kids soccer we made a few mistakes, for example we played soccer on the concrete instead of grass which was a big mistake because later on there was a fall and there was also tears and this kid was not able to play any more.
My next step is to plan where to play and make it funner for girls.

Monday, 27 March 2017

What I go hard at

 Football is what I go hard at

We arrive, it's the worst day of the year, and the ground is soaking. It is so muddy, you can hardly dribble the ball, the ball gets stuck in the mud! This just has to be played.
The reason we still had to play, was it was the last game, I was glad because it was going to be really fun playing in this condition! We run  on the pitch the crowd is roaring. We slip slide sprint and fall.
The first shot of the game was from me it was very slow because it had to go through a big fat muddy puddle.
It sprayed mud all over the place,the goalie did not really want to dive in the puddle so instead he did a kind of  jig!
The ball snailed past him and straight in to the net I didn't even curve it, that is what you call skill!
For the rest of the game it goes on how it stared rain rain ☔️ rain goal goal goal the game finishes at 12 -3 with my team on top, I Scored 3 of our goals and my friend scored another 3 and our best player scored 5 the last goal was scored by a guy called Kai.

That is what I go hard at !!!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

My metaphore poem

I am a Ford Falcon, zooming through streets.

I am the Sky Tower, towering over the world.

I am the butcher eating the bacon from my shop.

I am an apple giving people energy from time to time.

I am bacon giving people a delicious flavour.

I am a Ronaldo t-shirt, giving joy to those who play football in me.

Ko Oliver  ahau

I am Oliver

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Imaginary character

Graham has big, bushy, messy hair, it's curly and as orange as a a mandarin.  His body is as round as a gym ball but fatter, he's 2.04m tall and he crouches over when he walks.  He does not have enough money to buy clothes so he walks around naked.

He's lazy and steals a lot of sugar. Now his smile, well he doesn't wear his smile! His face looks like what you would see if you saw the sportiest boy in maths class.  His skin colour is light brown but darker than a tan.  The opposite would be his caramel fudge that he eats, I think his parents don't make it right because it looks so white! l He's lazy and can't help himself but eat all the chips, cake, and chocolate he sees.

He likes to hang out on the couch at home mostly because he gets laughed at by people of all ages! He is a homebody, the only reasons he takes a step out of his house is if he is asking for money, when he does that he stands in the middle of the road. He likes eating and sleeping so his house is the best place for that. The people he hangs out with one, no one's kind to him which is the last reason why he stays at home.

He  sleeps most of the time.  The only action he makes is reaching for the bowl of chips. People call him Snorlax because that is the best name to call him, it describes him beautifully.  Graham is so sad that no one likes him, in fact he moans about it all the time, that's when he's not asleep or eating chips of course, so that's about 3 seconds.

A phrase he uses is “I hate my life”. Only some people know this because he doesn't talk to anyone else except his parents. His accent - well if you were listening before no one would know, right?
Graham doesn't have time to hang out with anyone.  If he did I wouldn't know anyone that has the passion of eating and sleeping twenty four hours straight.

You remember how I told you that he moans about his life? No one listens to him.  They just walk past him, hear him but doing nothing about what he is trying to tell them.  One time he went to the doctor to try and lose some fat.  After 10 seconds of talking to his doctor the doctor said  Get out of my office”.  He didn’t even listen to him.   Graham deserves better! Graham lives in an old, dusty, small house that 284 people have lived in which makes it old and really cheap! 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Travis wetlands

When I went to Travis Wetlands there were lots of pukekos, I felt surprised because we saw 6 pukekos in one spot. I took this photo because it's a cool action shot. We also saw 3 cats. 

Riccarton bush

When I went to Riccarton Bush I saw this piece of nature. I took this photo because it looked so interesting, so cool and we didn’t think it was natural, which makes it even better!  I felt shocked when I saw it.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Discovery time reflection

My favourite discovery time would definitely be the fourth because Brayden, Enzo, Jacob, Luca, and I ran football. We made these really fun games and I got to play goalkeeper in some which I enjoyed.  A challenge was including others and getting them involved in our game because for the first 15 minutes the only people on the field was me and Brayden.  I have overcome this challenge by noticing when people wanted to join in and listening to their ideas.   A skill I have learnt through discovery time is to listen to others ideas so they might come to our activity and stay involved.

A learning focus would be making decisions because when I did the egg challenge me, Jordan and Brayden were fighting over what we were going to do with the egg first.  I overcame this challenge by letting it go and talking kindly.

I have become better at helping and cooperating because when I did the egg challenge we were fighting.  I overcame that challenge so helping and cooperating is what I have improved on.

Overall I feel what I have learnt during discovery in term one and term two is going to come in handy for the rest of my life.  Something I'm looking forward to in term four is…cooking some delicious food and seeing what delicious tastes like.